Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Days without you

As the beams of sunray lights Paro valley

I just release my eyes without much delay

To see you somewhere else close to my side

But always in futile and I cried...

A sole and just a sole day without thee

Seems to be years of years for me

With my arms empty, eyes hurting

And heart at all times flouting...

As I stare at the crystal clear Paro River

Flowing at its snail's pace, creates me shiver

I just cannot avert reminiscence of those days

Exploring our hearts at a shore via some ways...

Being with you, the sun shines a little longer

Making the charm of life a little stronger

But when you are elsewhere and far away

The sky often glooms away, but I pray...

As I attend to the melodies of the singing birds

Tears roll through my cheeks with no words

Just wondering if you were missing me too or not

And yet again a tears through my cheeks a lot...

The ache of missing you is impossible to endure

Thus, I wish to be inebriated and make my verve unsure

Where I can overlook the stern pain of my heart

And relax in the world of fun like a rescued hart...

But no, for I don’t yearn for hurting you my love

But I’ll call upon before the divinity like a dove

And call upon for one more moment together

Where we can compose our affectionate healthier...

© Sangay Phuntsho 2011

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