Monday, January 2, 2012

Enduring Legacy from 2011

One of the most valuable achievements that I have pulled off in the gone year 2011 was for being able to register myself in several online writing groups. Writers Association of Bhutan (WAB), Blogyul, TOB-DEN, United Nations of Blogger, and Blog are the prominent platform where the aspiring writers can share their works without restraint.

When I go through my old notebooks, it evidently summons up my genuine interest in writing even as a child. Every available space of my books was found with some plain sketches and scribbles which are truly artistic. Some emotively illustrates my emotion and some holds strong voice for some rampant social issues of the times like corporal punishment. However, regardless of its innocent wit and wisdom, it remained unpublished forever.  

In the recent years, I use to write short-stories, essays and opinions for print media. You may regard me as a little egotistical, but for me there is no better motivation than to see my piece going published. The only discouraging part in doing so is that, when series of my contributions goes unpublished. Sometimes, the disparity of genre (contribution and space) also obstructs me to write. Thus, I almost laid down my arms for my hobby.

Opportunely, last year I came across the inspiring association WAB. Initially Writers Association of Bhutan (WAB) started as a dream of one man who felt the need of a national organization to serve the interests of Bhutanese writers. At the moment it serves as a platform where aspiring Bhutanese writers can share their work. I immediately got registered and started contributing to it. It really helped me to reclaim my positive hobby. 

Soon, I was aware of blog and blogging. A blog (a blend of the term web log) is a type of website or part of a website supposed to be updated with new content from time to time. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video.

Before I completely pierced myself into the blogging bustle, I have read several posts of popular Bhutanese bloggers. Their striking blogs successfully inspired me to create my blog. Thus, in July 2011, my blog was born with the initial name as Sangay Phuntsho’s Blog. When more and more of my unspoken thoughts went into it, I felt to change my blog’s name to My Unspoken Thoughts. This name remained for roughly a couple of weeks, but yet again I decided to change the name to My Open Diary, because all the entries are either what I do or how I feel. It is just like filling up the diary but openly. 

Subsequently, I have been added in Blogyul Group in facebook where I can share my writings amongst the birds of same feather. Today, I often visit the Blogyul Blog. Blogyul aspires to give wings to our imagination, limps to our thoughts, light to our ignorance and to let the whole journey of blogging, and writing be a part of greater societal benefit, if not the greater self-discovery. Reading and writing with all aspiring writers is the best way of learning. 

TOB-DEN – a hub for Bhutanese teachers and for children is a Blog managed by passionate Bhutanese teacher, dedicated to the children of Bhutan. Whenever I have burning desire to share something pertinent to education system, I choose this platform. As a (to-be) teacher, I often visit TOB-DEN to understand more about Bhutanese Education System.    

Most recently, with the introduction by Mrs. Cynthia Pricillia I have also registered for United Nations of Blogger. United Nations of Blogger was built in 26th of November 2011. This organizations made by Aditya Bhaskara was to unite all blogger lovers around the world never mind they're newbie or pro level. I have already reading and shared some of my favorite articles here as well, with much anticipation to learn.   

As of now, with my mere 36 post, my blog has been viewed 2607 times. I have 26 regular followers with friends on facebook and other groups, who constantly read, comment and inspire me always. My honest resolution for this New Year is to read and write even more. 


  1. A nice narration of the every bit of time in the journey of blogging. Liked going through it. Your new year resolution is a very nice one. No doubt! That's nice of you la. Looking forward to more posts. Keep posting!

  2. If my posts are interesting and valuable, then it’s due to you all. My blogging friends are not merely birds of same feather, but also a teacher who wonderfully motivates me always… Thank you so much.

  3. How inspiring! You have all the positive energy to forward your writing in different blogs. Hoping to read more from next time again.

  4. Thank you so much Yeesi. Its really inspiring.

  5. Well begin is said to be half done. Since It was such a smooth and successful year for you with regards to writing, I am sure you will reach good height in the times to come. Enjoyed going through your write ups.
    Keep posting and best wishes.

  6. Leo...Thank you so much for inspiring me always. I learn a lot being with you all in blogging.

  7. Hi Sangay..its great that you are a part of a writing community. Its a nice way to learn from other writers and also belong to a community of like-minded individuals.