Sunday, September 18, 2011

Days without You

When I am with you, most of my feeling goes unexpressed, and sometimes our chat gets conquered by my stupid gossip. But, when you are away from me, I miss you a lot. I miss you when I laugh and cry, because you are the one who makes my life beautiful. In fact, you are the one who showed me this beautiful world. 

When the beams of morning sun glow over Paro valley, I just release my eyes with eagerness to see you somewhere else close to me. But this hope always goes like an illusory dream. I always pray for god to let you come in my dream, but he never listened to me.  A sole day without you seems to be years for me with my eyes wet, arms empty and heart paining constantly.

When you are with me, I seem to smile little more often, the sun shines a little brighter and life is much more charming, but when you are away, my smile ceases, the sky gloom away, and my life full of emptiness. Now the days are longer and the nights are restless for me.

In the evening, when I listen to the sweet melodies of the singing birds, tears rolls down through my cheeks, just wondering, somewhere else if you are missing me too or not. Even the blossom in the garden has a power to have me tearing up with the memories of when we are together.  

The pain of missing someone close to my heart is really impossible to bear. In such situation, I feel like getting myself intoxicated, where the world will be painted with the beams of colors and echoes of music. Where I can forget the stern pain of my heart and relax in the world of fun.

Whoops! Thousands of feelings appear in my mind when I miss my so cherished one. My dear sweetheart, at this instance I know that somewhere else you are also hurting your heart equal or even more than me. I know that you too miss me always. I am sure that the songs of the singing birds bring tears to your eyes too. But, thinking of this even adds pain to my heart.

Still, there is nothing to do at this instance. The only thing that we can do at this instance is to close our eyes tight, concentrate on our mind and pray to our god. Pray for an early gathering. Pray for happy and prosperous love and life after this... takes effect.

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