Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Question to My Fate

I have nobody to express gratitude or charge for what I am today. My parents are too innocent to help or hinder me; my god is so silence to bless or desecrate my path, and I am too young to sketch or spoil my future. It’s prevailing fate who played the major role in shaping me, but now regardless of his supremacy, he will neither hear my gratitude, nor sense my protest. 

I am not depressed with what I am today, but I am not pleased as well. If I look high up at some landlords, they are blessed with all the riches of the world so that they even risk millions in their gambling. I am nobody if judged against to them – I am struggle in a little attic with hand to mouth condition. But if I look down till the town-beggar, they are deprived of basic needs like food and shelter, let alone wealth. I am a big shot if judged against to them – besides food and shelter; I have one classy acer laptop with GPRS internet connection to explore the world around and standard Samsung mobile phone to keep in touch with my intimates.   

I won my fate’s unsparing adoration, so that I am thrown into the channel of English teachers in Bhutan. I would like to extend my gratitude not merely from my lips, but from the core of my heart. Today I am flowing with so many trainees-teachers, and soon we will have to hold a text and make it comprehensible to hundreds of little kids.  

But Mr. Fate, do you think I can teach English to future Bhutan when I myself suffer with Basic English grammars like tenses???


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