Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Shadow of the Moon

Photo Courtesy: Internet
The reflection of beams of silver moon from the auburn Paro valley brings much enchantment in my forlorn hours of darkness. When the world is tinted with such a beautiful, yet momentary colour of light, I cannot bring myself to a halt from walking in its illumination. The vibrant beams make me moderately sightless as if like I am looking through some deep visors, but my unconscious mind never miss to feel its splendor.

When the moon is shining enough to give a heavenly luminosity to the earth, every earthly nature seems to be in a tranquil state as if like they are showing homage to her exceptional beauty. The singing birds lower their pitch; the chill breeze blows softer making the bare minimum possible echoes and the prayer flags as silent as a perfect yogi in the mountains. The only resonance that I hear is my own escalating heartbeat.   

Walking through the woods, I can also perceive a weak hum of soft rustling leafs above my head, making my walk even more beautiful. Thousands of silver moon rays pierce through every breaches of the trees and escorts me through the shadows of the forest. When I feel the shells of fallen leafs beneath my feet, it often perturbs my cheerfulness, but instantaneously the reflection of the moonlight impressively consoles my lost heart.  

When I am completely lost in admiration, sometimes I even forget to gulp the air, yearning for some better melodies from my adored nature. The wonderful silhouette of the moon inspires me to dream some most unattainable dreams in my life. Regardless of its bleakness, I still enjoy my dreams which are more beautiful than my real existence.              

Under the shelter of the beautiful moonlight, my memorable expeditions always end even before I could realize my own footsteps. Sometimes, I wish a journey of thousand miles if the beauty of nature is on its acme always, where I can forget the stern pain of my heart.  

Beams of silver moon brings me much delight but always filled with some anxiety, because deep in my mind, I know that shortly it will fade away in the empty sky leaving me all alone. The scenic exquisiteness that I enjoy today brings much happiness in my mind, but the missing heart that follows is more painful.                


  1. Beautifully expressed with picturesque images, and an interesting read.
    Keep posting.

  2. Nice read bro. keep posting.