Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wishing for some more days

Falling of leafs in the autumn days is the natural phenomenon that nobody can change. Even the expected nature has no influence over this truth. But the falling leafs of autumn, 2011 fetches different sentiment in me. The golden leafs of willow trees rustling with the pace of winter wind really touches my heart. As if like attending to the death-bell, the jingling of tiny golden leafs reminds me of something unpleasant – the pain of missing. 

Watch the flowing Paa Chhu, and you will find bizarre beauty in it. Like never before, the water in it are crystal clear presenting the unique mosaic beautifully blend with colorful pebbles. The jazzy dance of glittering silver fish in the shaft of sunbeams is the rich visual feast under the autumn sun. Even the rhythm and melodies of Roaring River is perfectly harmonized with the songs of nature, making my last days at Paro more beautiful.  

Fluttering of the prayer flags on the face of holy hills and splendid views of temples reminds me of spiritual life. I never realized that the wish-fulfilling jewels – the abode of God are close to me. My materialistic dream of excelling in academic has utterly diminished my path to enlightenment. Today, when my days at Paro is on count-down stage, at some deep level of my psyche I realize that I have overlooked much gold in the due course of staring at some sparkling silvers. I can only wish for some more days.        
The beauties of all beauty are hidden till the closing stages. And so is with the beauty of my college days. The delight that I benefit from this last movement is beyond measure. Even the birds seem to sing sweeter. The autumn trees swing more with the rhythm of northern wind as if like they own monopoly over the last episode of my college life. 

College days are deviant – the flexible manmade law, and not the natural phenomenon. Still, the law is so stringent that not a soul can avoid it irrespective of excellent performance both in academic or co curricular. Essentially, every event that the college imposes is for the benefit of us. But, who would like ‘Graduation Day’ or ‘Farewell Party’ when it only reminds us of our painful departure which is impatiently waiting for us. It is no better than hearing the frightening jingle of death-bell.  

The icy hands of nature seem to be increasingly waving now. The only choice left for me is to miss the scenic beauty of Paro – the valley of wisdom. When I am alone in some far-flung valleys of the country, I will miss my college days and friends a lot. Yet, when the silver moon is bright in the sky, I will send my sincere wishes for all my friends. If the beams of moon pierce into your room, then remember that it is me who sent it just for you. I will share all my joys and miseries through the rays of moonlight. If the full moon is dazzling high in the sky, just watch it and think that somewhere else, someone is still watching with you.                         


  1. i taught english in bhutan for over 30 years as an expatriate teacher. i wish u success in your patriotic mission. tashi delek!

  2. For a lover of words and language, what could be more blessing than to receive invaluable comment from a writer... Thank you sir. I really enjoyed your book 'Kissing Dragon'.