Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I hate my birthday

Today is my birthday. My mother already lit a butter lamp on the altar, and praying for me. I can see her lips shuddering as if like a criminal trembling amidst authoritative jury. But, her strange shudder plainly proves that each of her prayers and wishes are genuine. I know that she wanted me to be a happiest person in this world. The shrine is already clouded with thick smoke of incense, but her prayers are endless. 

By now, the entire room is filled with sweet aroma of saintly burn. With much devotion, I entered the shrine, prostrated three times, and then start praying. I silently requested my god to bless us with pleased and prosperous life. ‘We will celebrate the day’, Ama said in her weak tone. ‘Your father must be ready with the arrangement’. I remained quiet for the reason that I never support the culture of birthday celebration. 

My stance on the birthday celebration has always been a little critical. My abhorrence on such well-known mores has no concrete reasons, but purely based on my own sentiment. It is a day when our dearly loved mother shed tears of blood, unable to endure the pain. Who would like to celebrate the torment of our own mother in such an exciting way? Absolutely preposterous! My repugnance grows even more, when I listen to the depressing story of my own birth delivery… (to be continued) 

PS: Please don't wish me. This is fiction!


  1. Although our mothers undergo an bearable pain during our birth, lets us not forget the hopes and dreams that were born with us. -the great expectations they had from us. It is understandable that our mother undergo momentarily physical pain but deep inside, our birth must have also brought them immense joy and hope in their heart.

    In Brief, Birthdays are not an event to remember our mothers bygone pains but to celebrate the success of our mothers, -the way they brought us up and made us happy.

    so cheer up Sangay, Now its your turn to realize those dreams of your dearest mom........

    all the best

    1. A positive outlook! Thank you Acho. This is just a starting. I will include it in the later part.

  2. Great post, Sangay.
    "Birthdays are not an event to remember our mothers bygone pains but to celebrate the success of our mothers," love this thought.

  3. Thank you madam. I was just trying with creative writing. I will complete it soon, and try to reverse the voice at last. I want to see the power of words.