Tuesday, February 14, 2012

To My College Friends – On Valentines

Photo Courtesy: Internet
Tonight, the milky-way is twinkling up in the heaven toting up colour to this valentine. The Mr. Moon – watching the exquisite valentine scene on the land as if like a queen watching the sense of duty blend by rich bees and sugary sweets. This is a night where lovers copiously fall in love; couples faithfully make their vows, but singles miserably experience the kick of loneliness. 

We enjoyed the journey of our life together for years, months, weeks, and days. We laughed and cried together; we worked and worried together; we learned and taught together and undeniably we irritated each other as well at some point. Tonight is the best time to recall all bygone memories – sweet, bitter, funny, irritating… 

Some memories brings involuntary smile on my face and keeps me alive even in this late lonely night when the whole world is sleeping. Others invite countless of tears through my cheeks but I listen to the moan of the trees behind my house – it successfully consoles me. Most merrily, the majority of memories make me laugh loud at night like an outcry of a lone thoughtless man in a town. 

The wind of uncertainty swiftly blew over us – the true friends. We are now scattered length and breadth of the country as if like a farmer’s sow all over his field. We are put out of sight by gigantic mountains; out of reach lengthy rivers, and out of odor by elongated plains. But, what somebody said wonderfully implies here – out of sight is never out of mind. This, we can assure for we understood each other’s mind if not mastered.  

We understand that the day (Valentine) is to honour St. Valentine, the patron saint of romantic causes. But, is the honour for his death or deeds? If it is for your exceptional deeds, please don’t let us depart at least at this moment. Saint Valentine, please come back alive and save us from this insufferable pain of missing.