Friday, October 28, 2011

Of Hell and Heaven

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My Dzongkha teachers often use to recite a narrative of a hell and heaven while I am just in preprimary. They endeavor to make us obvious that the hell and heaven are the realm of punishment and reward afterlife corresponding to our deeds that we commit when we are alive. But I still remember at that instance - I just thought: “why he is not showing hell and heaven to us while he has shown the trees and flowers,” “why he is not taking us for a field trip to these places while he has taken us to the riverside to see watercourse.” Of course these are the conception of a child, but still I suppose that it is brilliant if we can perceive hell and heaven so as to believe further.

It was on the late afternoon of 12th of September 2009, while I am witnessing a variety show of Dhug House in the open courtyard of Paro College of Education. Their Dzongkha skit is all about suffering and enjoyment in hell and heaven. At that moment, I just imagined that, it is the enhanced means to reveal hell and heaven to the childlike inhabitants like me if not feasible in authentic. So that we can trim down our evil deeds and amplify our virtue sooner than too delayed.

In the opening scene, Nado and Kado illustrated the sort of action that we inhabitants perform in this humanity. From that, it is well apparent that our human deeds, evil or virtue are all just to accomplish our boundless desire and only a few desires to escape from this cycle of death and rebirth and to attain the real El dorado. We humans create sins for whatsoever we act devoid of any hesitation for we don’t in actual fact discern what hell and heaven are.

The attention-grabbing piece of the skit but rather implausible is that even afterlife Nado is using his mobile phone in the hell. My mind's eyes are far away from this world then - just envisaging, “how it would be if there is a mobile phone tower in the hell and heaven too.” I will dial my late grandmother’s number and will inquire where she is, either in hell or in heaven and I’ll furthermore inquire how hell and heaven looks like. But these are all hot air thoughts. Nado by mobile phone in the hell has wonderfully created alertness about the misery in the hell to the hundreds of spectators. He phoned from hell to his preeminent friend Kado on the earth with account of the torment in the hell. He as well warned Kado not to commit sin as far as doable.

Leaning persistently on the veranda’s pillar, I also dreamed about myriad of benefit of having mobile phone tower installed at hell and heaven as well. Our associates and relatives in the hell will share on the grief and sorrow in hell and discourage us from performing evil deeds, while folks in heaven will share the jollity and cheerfulness that they take pleasure there and thus cheer us to amplify our virtue. In the skit in converse, have been not phoned by Nado from hell, it is sure for Kado to bond Nado in hell afterlife. But Kado out of trepidation left all sort of evil deeds and prearranged the way to heaven. Later towards the end, the converse between Nado at hell and Kado at heaven fabricated every blameless audience comprehensible about hell and heaven.

At this time I have learnt that knowing where the hell or heaven is not or less important but knowing the consequence of our deeds, either evil or virtue is more important.

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