Monday, October 10, 2011

To the Bride & Groom

As the nation celebrates one of the most momentous and moving occasion – The Royal Wedding, I would like to offer my humble prayers and wishing through the wind of purity. This is an auspicious occasion that will never come again in our life-time. The ecstasy of such era is immeasurable in my mind, but will be painful to see it become memory soon. Yet, it will be the everlasting memory of joy and happiness that will remain imprinted in the mind of all Bhutanese people.
Thanks to the Goddess of love, desire and beauty for blessing Bhutan with compassionate and beautiful Queen. This is the occasion, when all the gods and goddesses are watching this beautiful episode ceremonial happening on this living paradise. May gods and goddesses bless our King and Queen with boundless of love and affection. On this ceremony, may Lhamo Yangchenma, the Goddess Swaraswati, play the finest tone of your music for our King and Queen.      
Every glimpse (portrait and clips) of royal couple proves of true love and affection. Undeniably, this is the paradigm of how His Majesty dreams of Bhutanese couples should be. He always insists on love, care, and affection among family, friends, and among Bhutanese people in general. The match is truly made in heaven. May our King and Queen bless with everlasting happiness and joy.
Our gratitude goes to the Nagas for bestowing Bhutan with happiness and prosperity. This is the occasion when all the Nagas come to life to witness the moving festivity happening in the land of happiness. May Nagas bestow our King and Queen with prosperity and population that will ensure the sequence of royals in Bhutan.
The way His Majesty looks upon the welfare of the people during the times of joy and sorrow is barely credible. He never hesitates to experience the pain to reach all the nooks of the country to learn the situation of humble folks. Deep in his mind, he always desires every Bhutanese people to be happy. Now, with the nuptials of the noble souls, we aspire for brighter sun of happiness in Bhutan.
Our humble homage to our protecting deity, Pelden Lhamo for shielding Bhutan from all the disasters and wars. This is the event when she is pleased by looking at her people enjoying the nectar of happiness. May all the deities of Bhutan protect our King and Queen – the source of people’s happiness in Bhutan. May our King and Queen bless with health and breathe.            
I am deeply swollen with pride to be a Bhutanese citizen. We have always loved our Kings from our heart. This is the time when every Bhutanese gather together like one family to rejoice the long-awaited occasion – The Royal Wedding. Our prayers are countless, and our wishes are boundless. Today, I would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations! I humbly wish my King and Queen with all the happiness of this world. I pray for undying love and happiness in life. With this union, may the waves of happiness shine in the land of GNH.
His Majesty always concerns and support for Education in Bhutan. He always thanks Education System for the country’s amazing journey of modernization over the last few decades. As a King, His Majesty’s passion is always to nurture our youth day after day, year after year. He believes that it is their skills, labour and commitment that will count at the end for nation building. But to fulfill all these selfish dreams, he puts teachers at the top.
Thus, on this auspicious occasion, I would like to commit myself as a dedicated teacher in the Bhutanese Education system. With my deep respect for our sublime religion and benevolent kings, I don’t find better way of serving the country than becoming a teacher. Apart from taking up one of the noblest professions anywhere in the world, I will be able to help ease the teacher shortage in our country.
The occasion is a blessing for all Bhutanese, and we pray for everlasting peace and prosperity in our country and may the flowers of Education blossom forever.

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