Saturday, October 29, 2011

In love with a heartbroken girl

She wishes some day he'll cry for her like she cried for him, some day he'll miss her like she missed him, needed her like she needed him and some day he'll love her but she won't. She now believes that love can make you happy but often it hurts, and that love is special only when you give it to some one worth it.                                   

The day I saw her, the day I fell in love with her, and the day I talked with her, she explored her broken heart with tears rolling down her cheeks. I had never fallen in love so far but just now I am sharing the soreness of her broken heart. A single word from her broken heart has power to have me tearing up.  

When the sun rays pierce her room, she looks out her window and starts dreaming about the moment when she was with him in some blossom, where he held her hand and said, ''would you be my angle? Would you be my rose? I love you so much.'' And then tears roll down her cheeks again.

She still remembers the time when she was with him in a beautiful moonlit night. Walking through the woods and sharing words from their heart. The late night when whole world is sleeping, she stares at the stars, wondering if he is thinking of her.

But the day he left her for someone else haunts her all the time.

And now I am in love with her. That is why a little sorrow in her heart is a pain to my heart. But I will try and comfort you. I will smile and make you happy.

Let me say some few words to my dear. For some, love last for a life time, but for many not knowing when to let go can hold forever. So forget the time when he walked with you, forget the time when he made you cry, forget the time when he held your hand and just remember that I am here to console you when you are in a great sorrow.

In such a situation I believe God put me here for you to love. He picked me out among the rest because he knew I would love you the best. Now I don't want to lose this feeling. If I could choose a place to die, it would be in your arms.

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  1. So nice of is nothing when the shell is removed, but after removing the shell we will find what is called true love...and in true love there is something more special that we even can't see but we can feel it...
    Nice post and hope to see you with your lover...:)