Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sunshine is not always brighter - From the autobiography of the King of Melody

Your dazzling smile and the magnificent beauty invited me but not by your heart and soul. Everything within you stands out with excellence; however you lack something significant: sympathy for an underprivileged heart. I remember how optimistically saw you for the first time in my life. I have seen perfectness in you regardless of empathy. 

My soul zoomed away from home in search of a tranquil and divine place to reside, but, in vain. I have never experienced such pain before; perhaps I’m sick for the first time and likely to prolong forever. Others might have hold your hand and said “I love you” but I will hug your heart and say “I’m in love with you”.  

I would have asked you for a short walk but I dare not, for the reason that I don’t want you to walk reluctantly beside me; it won’t fetch me pleasure, instead it will be so embarrassing on my part. Now, I am feeling lonely in the crowd, for the reasons that are beyond my imagination. Everything that had happened has passed and it was bearable till date, but I fear a lot that I’m going to miss something really in next to no time; something that doesn’t belong to me but that had imprinted in my heart.

At instance, I sense stupidity within me the each time I think of you. I make no match to you. It was merely like looking at a star hanging high up in the sky. Though I sense the foolishness I can’t stop loving you. In fact that’s how I exist. From the very day I saw you, I made no good decisions and right choices. All I dream is about you. I was lost with the thoughts and my mind wonders from places to places seeking helps to get space in your heart.  
Tomorrow will be the only day that I will see you, because you will be different person even if we meet in future. If I have the authority over the phenomenon of time and the natural world, I will reset it and fix to never-ending today, so that I can see you forever.  

The summer days are so attractive and green everywhere until the fading autumn signals the cold and dry winter. I really enjoyed the rays of your shines with my interest, although I don’t deserve the warmth of your shower. Very soon the sun of my heart will set from my world and I will be left in realm of darkness. 

By: Jampa Tenzin

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