Friday, November 25, 2011

Dreaming of a Better World

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In my boyhood, I often stare out of the classroom window, and get completely lost in a daydream. My friends and teachers use to bother me, but my outlook on daydream is never the same to theirs. For me, daydreaming is never a depletion of time, nor a hunter of happiness. It is indeed, only the daydream that is able to take me to the summit of contentment. Even today, I spend hours daydreaming on all the beauty beyond this world. The happiness that I obtain from the world of dream is always greater than the happiness that I obtain from the world I stand on.         
I would stare at the snowcapped mountains and fanaticize myself to be the princess of snow – the snow leopard. I live in the mountain paradise where my mind as pure as sparkling snows and my body as strapping as marble. Nothing melancholy in my mind perturbs my cheerfulness as long as I live with the shadows of gorgeous mountains. 

Every so often, I dream myself to be the singing bird high in the sky. Watching the splendor of every trees and grasses I can reach far and wide to the places I wish. I can sing the finest songs with the harmony of breeze and please all thoughtful inhabitants on the ground. As a bird, I can flee from all the insufferable miseries of this world, and live in the cloud nine forever.  

In some ascending nights, I watch the crescent moon hanging high in the sky, and wish my memorable past to appear again. The shafts of moon light evokes my cherished time when I was with my dearly loved ones in some beautiful moonlit night, walking through the woods and sharing words from our heart. For me, recalling some of my treasured times silently only brings double happiness.  

When the melancholies that befall in my life are relentless, I even dream of entering into the world of intoxication. A perfect world of phantasm blended with the beams of colors and echoes of music. Where I can forget the stern pain of my heart and relax in the world of fun.   

At this time, if I am ever asked to make one last prayers, I would ask my God to make this world as serene as I wish OR to keep me eternally in my dreamland. I would rather prefer to close my eyes forever and stay in my world of illusion than to endure such painful miseries of this perceptible world.          


  1. Wow! an escapists' ideal. Poetic inspiration filled your writing. Dreams give you an extra buffer of relief even if they are not useful.Its not necessary to have a realistic dream, by their very nature dreams are remotely ideal.

  2. Beautifully written, Nature is indeed a great teacher and wonderful source of inspiration, so the way you get yourself lost in the beauty of nature is simply amazing. Keep posting.

  3. Thank you la.. It’s really inspiring... Still and stunning nature is everything for people like me.