Thursday, November 3, 2011

Missing You Mom: A Letter

                                                                                    Dear Mom,

The beautiful peaks of Paro are now covered with sparkling snow, and I can feel the chilliness of the wintry northern wind. The entire scenery is looking just like Bumthang, and it is making me feel even more melancholy. I am missing my cherished childhood life, playing with my innocent friends in the marvelous snow meadows of Ura.

Mom, most of the singing birds of Paro has migrated to escape from the frosty winter days, leaving me all alone. Yet, I can see some pity birds around, and when I attend to their melodies, I cannot stop tears rolling through my cheeks. I miss seeing your beautiful smile and the echoes of your melodic voice.     

This is the moment, when the farmers of Paro are busy in their golden paddy fields reaping the fruit of their hard work. And when I see the pitiful farmers stressed under the scorching winder sun, I just cannot stop thinking about you. Mom, you must be suffering in the fields and pastures with selfless hope to make our living more blissful. I am a little stronger now and I wish I were with you, so that I can help you with everything. I am really missing the warmth of your gentle hug, mom.

The vegetation of Paro is much similar to Ura’s surroundings. All the trees and grasses are now falling the victim of morning frost: leafs descending down and grasses changing their colour. Mom, are the strawberries still blooming in our garden? I still remember you offering me strawberry mixed with water during my early days. I know that you must be mourning to the falling leafs and drying blossoms at this time, because you are a little emotional. Mom, I am missing you with each passing days.

Sometimes I see your face in my dreams at night. Your emergence even in the dream is always kind and sweet. Although you are not with me at this time, I feel the warmth of your love and care. Mom, I am missing you desperately, please come always in my dreams!

Yours Loving Son

Sangay Phuntsho

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