Monday, November 28, 2011

The rock speaks…

Facing the western sun, I have been still and desolately watching the habitual life of Paro from the time I was born. I cannot remember my own age exactly. But I still remember some weaken memories of infamous Paro Penlop Tshering Penjor and Agay Haap. As far as I remember, they are the most authoritative power that occupied the majestic Rinpung Dzong, only next to Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel. Many historic facts of Paro and afar are spilling over from my memory, but will not interest you much, I guess so.

I have enjoyed the princely comfort of this world in my early days. I had several friends, mostly the naive monks of chief abode of Rinpung. They jog, run and play around me while I enjoy watching them mutely. The caring women of nearby villages visit me habitually and offer pure and spanking new foods. They clean my environs and paint my faces. The delicious aroma of their burning incense always pleases me. I use to be keen on the offerings of their new harvest in every fall. My desire are for eternity to keep the so called ‘The Rice Bowl of Bhutan’ be filled with rich grains. 

My status and morality has dropped down to ground during my teens. To my dismay, my part had been identified as a soil for capital punishment. I made countless prayers but all in vain. None of my God answered; or even listened to it. By then, loads of immoral men have been penalized to death here. Soon, many rumors have been born from the imaginary mind of innocent people. All fictitious stories of ghost have feared the people, and I am looked as an abode of treacherous spirit.         

Somehow, the stereotyped mindset of people has diminished since the ban of death penalty in Bhutan. Thank you, the peerless kings of Bhutan. 
Some years ago, the motor road had been constructed to connect the two at odds units of PCE (Paro College of Education). The neatness is maintained under the kind directives of the college. Now I belong to PCE. I smile to show my immense gratitude when I see PCE family moving to and fro, but still unseen. I am happy to be adopted by PCE, and seems like I will not be able thank enough in my life and living. 

Even though, I am terrifying dark rock for some weak hearts, I am helpful for many of my friends who pass by. I bless all the passer by, with knowledge and wisdom. I am dwelling for lovers and hiding site for suspicious minds. Irrespective of love or offense, I like people seeking refugee here. Some lovers swear to live together till their last breath while others just remain silent unable to utter a word. Some suspicious heart beats loud, while others remain in tranquil. I pray best for everyone who comes here. 

Recently, a group of good soul from PCE came and cleared all the dust that had been settled for about a decade on my face. They explored the sanctified alphabets and highlighted it with vibrant paints. I regained my beauty and holy in the eye of people around. Further, the other aspiring artist came together and made my face as bright as the goddess of beauty. I never even in my dream thought that such happiness will befall on me at this age. I never found a way to thank them, but their kind deeds will remain imprinted in my heart forever. 

(Dedicated to: Singye Dorji EPA, Kelzang HP and group)



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