Friday, November 18, 2011

The Song of Nature

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Some lost nights; I just open my notebook, and stare around to decide on the several of topics that I aspire to inscribe. Writing keeps me so close to the beauty of nature, and thus keeps me away from the world of loneliness. The beauty of nature is invaluable, that not even the riches of this world can purchase, nor the power can be in command of. Yet, nature is an omnipresent companion for the people of all walks of life.  

When the song of nature is sweeter than ever before, I get completely lost in admiration. I forget the stern pain in my heart, fear of examination and brutality of weather. You may find me so forlorn, but I cannot be lonely as long as there is nature around me. It is possible for a person to be lonely in the crowd, and then it is also possible for a person to be cheerful all alone. For many, friends should be vigorous, but some prefers silent company of nature who can still touch each other’s heart.  

Sometimes, I remain around persistently till late night just to attend to the midnight songs of singing birds. The melodies that are heard in sunshine are sometimes negligible when compared to that of midnight songs. Sometimes, I even forget to respire when the harmony of her songs are sweet to my ears. Songs are the ordinary aural feast for the loving ears, but for me I feel its melody. Sometimes, I wish if the singing bird could recognize her earnest audience, who is so fond of her songs. 

My God almighty, I need my singing bird to be around me forever. Her songs have become my finest companion and now I cannot live without it. Beauty of friendship is sweet, but the pain of missing that follows are more severe.         

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