Thursday, December 29, 2011

Beauty of My Favorite Song

The melody of some songs and music really touches my heart. When all the splendor of this world is still and distant, it is only the resonance of songs and music that cheers me up always. It escorts me to the summit of emotional world, making me easier to combat with my restless days. Indeed, it is only the songs and music that remains close to my heart forever as my timeless companion. Sometimes I wonder how all those who do not love or listen to music can manage to escape the miseries and loneliness in life.  

The decisive factor to like a song is a little meticulous for me. Regardless of my narrow awareness on songs and music, I always try to look from the perspective of professional artiste. I consider at the creativity in music, sweetness in tune, and poetic sense in lyric. These are the atypical qualities at least in Bhutanese music, but a few still touches my heart in different ways. 

Today, the modern Bhutanese duet song, ‘Ya Namley Thredung Nima Sharno’ of lesser celebrated singer Ugyen and Minzung Lham has become my favorite song. Every quality of good music and song are perfectly harmonized in it. 

For an instance, the intro melody of the music has a sense of ‘Aija Mero Mango’ – the tune of a kid’s game. As soon as I attend to the intro music of this song, it harks back to my beautiful childhood days, which consequently cheers me to listen further. Music is clear and lines are plain, making it accessible to the heart of every music enthusiast. With lots of comparison to the beauty of nature, and insertion of occasional rhyme and rhythm, the lyric offers the sweet sense of poetry.  

In the earlier part, the male vocalist marvelously describes the beauty of bright sun in the sky and the blossom of lily on the ground. As if like a little lily budding with the beam of sun, the peerless love and affection from his sweet-heart brings much of unconditioned smile on his face. The first four lines are followed by a tuneful hum pleading his love to stay close to him forever. 

Soon after a short interlude, his sweet-heart expresses her appreciation relating to the picturesque glimpse of nature. She describes the woods and blossoms on the mountain; sweet melodies of singings birds among the trees; and the prosperous and beautiful harvest in the valley. 

The male vocalist continues thanking his sweet-heart for bringing the sun of happiness in his miserable life. He compares her with the manifestation of great Yeshi Khando which brings much pleasure to him. The tuneful hum pleading his love to stay close to him forever repeats here again. 

As if like in ending of some comedy movies, the song ends with beautiful union of true lovers. She expresses her happiness of being together in the heavenly like valley with her much-loved. She likes the times watching the beauty of nature and sharing words from their heart.  

With every beat of music and rhythm of lines the sentiment in my heart increases. As if like I am experiencing some deep romance, the song really touches my heart and virtually brings tears in my eyes. For me, I feel the essence of music with my heart, and not by my ears.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Songs in My Heart

                     Photo Courtesy: Internet
When my heart is hit with some insufferable emptiness, I even feel like to forgo this miserable life. I go all-out with various probable measures to escape from this aching loneliness, but nothing beauty of today is superior to those days gone by. The beautiful memory of the past appears in my mind incessantly as if like I am following the sequence of some romantic stories, and makes my fragile heart unconscious. 

At every crack of dawn, I open my notebook, and attempt to translate the songs of nature into words. But, with my laughable lexis, it seems like I am only lessening the sweetness of the songs. I strive to search out comparable words which can describe all the allure of the nature, but loveliness and sweetness of nature can never be descried perfectly in words. Not considering the quality of the piece that I am able to insert in my notebook, I am always pleased as long as I am able to get away from the hurting morning hours. 

Every so often, I stopover the rich flower garden and enjoy the splendour of every colour. The buzzing of the bees keeps my sense engage as if like I am attending to some saccharine melodies of celebrated singing groups. The sweet aroma of each plant never fades away with the time, and inspires me evermore. Yet, the contentment in my mind is always filled with some anxiety. The beautiful times of what went before always interrupt the pleasure of my present. 

Sometimes, when the tenderness of loneliness is relentless to accept, I choose to walk among the woods and listen to the rustling of leafs. But, leaning alone against the chest of the huge tree, sometimes I wonder if I am living or dreaming. With no songs from the bird, no moon in the sky, and no winds from the north, my world seems to be so silent as if like my wandering mind is in some seventh heaven.    

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Shadow of the Moon

Photo Courtesy: Internet
The reflection of beams of silver moon from the auburn Paro valley brings much enchantment in my forlorn hours of darkness. When the world is tinted with such a beautiful, yet momentary colour of light, I cannot bring myself to a halt from walking in its illumination. The vibrant beams make me moderately sightless as if like I am looking through some deep visors, but my unconscious mind never miss to feel its splendor.

When the moon is shining enough to give a heavenly luminosity to the earth, every earthly nature seems to be in a tranquil state as if like they are showing homage to her exceptional beauty. The singing birds lower their pitch; the chill breeze blows softer making the bare minimum possible echoes and the prayer flags as silent as a perfect yogi in the mountains. The only resonance that I hear is my own escalating heartbeat.   

Walking through the woods, I can also perceive a weak hum of soft rustling leafs above my head, making my walk even more beautiful. Thousands of silver moon rays pierce through every breaches of the trees and escorts me through the shadows of the forest. When I feel the shells of fallen leafs beneath my feet, it often perturbs my cheerfulness, but instantaneously the reflection of the moonlight impressively consoles my lost heart.  

When I am completely lost in admiration, sometimes I even forget to gulp the air, yearning for some better melodies from my adored nature. The wonderful silhouette of the moon inspires me to dream some most unattainable dreams in my life. Regardless of its bleakness, I still enjoy my dreams which are more beautiful than my real existence.              

Under the shelter of the beautiful moonlight, my memorable expeditions always end even before I could realize my own footsteps. Sometimes, I wish a journey of thousand miles if the beauty of nature is on its acme always, where I can forget the stern pain of my heart.  

Beams of silver moon brings me much delight but always filled with some anxiety, because deep in my mind, I know that shortly it will fade away in the empty sky leaving me all alone. The scenic exquisiteness that I enjoy today brings much happiness in my mind, but the missing heart that follows is more painful.                

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wishing for some more days

Falling of leafs in the autumn days is the natural phenomenon that nobody can change. Even the expected nature has no influence over this truth. But the falling leafs of autumn, 2011 fetches different sentiment in me. The golden leafs of willow trees rustling with the pace of winter wind really touches my heart. As if like attending to the death-bell, the jingling of tiny golden leafs reminds me of something unpleasant – the pain of missing. 

Watch the flowing Paa Chhu, and you will find bizarre beauty in it. Like never before, the water in it are crystal clear presenting the unique mosaic beautifully blend with colorful pebbles. The jazzy dance of glittering silver fish in the shaft of sunbeams is the rich visual feast under the autumn sun. Even the rhythm and melodies of Roaring River is perfectly harmonized with the songs of nature, making my last days at Paro more beautiful.  

Fluttering of the prayer flags on the face of holy hills and splendid views of temples reminds me of spiritual life. I never realized that the wish-fulfilling jewels – the abode of God are close to me. My materialistic dream of excelling in academic has utterly diminished my path to enlightenment. Today, when my days at Paro is on count-down stage, at some deep level of my psyche I realize that I have overlooked much gold in the due course of staring at some sparkling silvers. I can only wish for some more days.        
The beauties of all beauty are hidden till the closing stages. And so is with the beauty of my college days. The delight that I benefit from this last movement is beyond measure. Even the birds seem to sing sweeter. The autumn trees swing more with the rhythm of northern wind as if like they own monopoly over the last episode of my college life. 

College days are deviant – the flexible manmade law, and not the natural phenomenon. Still, the law is so stringent that not a soul can avoid it irrespective of excellent performance both in academic or co curricular. Essentially, every event that the college imposes is for the benefit of us. But, who would like ‘Graduation Day’ or ‘Farewell Party’ when it only reminds us of our painful departure which is impatiently waiting for us. It is no better than hearing the frightening jingle of death-bell.  

The icy hands of nature seem to be increasingly waving now. The only choice left for me is to miss the scenic beauty of Paro – the valley of wisdom. When I am alone in some far-flung valleys of the country, I will miss my college days and friends a lot. Yet, when the silver moon is bright in the sky, I will send my sincere wishes for all my friends. If the beams of moon pierce into your room, then remember that it is me who sent it just for you. I will share all my joys and miseries through the rays of moonlight. If the full moon is dazzling high in the sky, just watch it and think that somewhere else, someone is still watching with you.