Saturday, October 13, 2012

It’ll be painful to see the ecstasy become memory

This article first appeared in Bhutanobserver: October 14, 2011
Photo: Internet
As the nation celebrates one of the most momentous occasions, the Royal Wedding, I would like to offer my humble prayers and best wishes to the royal couple. This is an auspicious moment in history that will never come again in my lifetime. The ecstasy I feel is unfathomable. It will be painful to see it become a memory soon. Yet, it will be an everlasting memory of joy and happiness that will remain imprinted in the minds of all the Bhutanese people.

We thank all our gods and goddesses for granting us such a beautiful and compassionate Queen. I am sure that, as the ceremonies at the most historic dzong happened under the watchful eyes of our deities, our King and Queen are adequately blessed.

Every video footage and portrait of His Majesty and Her Majesty radiates intimate love and affection. This is how his Majesty shows how Bhutanese couples should be. His Majesty always insists on love, care, and affection among family, friends, and among Bhutanese people in general. The royal union is truly made in heaven. May our King and Queen be blessed with everlasting happiness and peace.

The way His Majesty looks after the welfare of the people during times of joy and sorrow is exemplary. He is willing to forego all the princely comforts and experience the pain of a commoner to reach all the nooks and corners of the country to learn the situation of humble folks. His only desire is to make every Bhutanese happy. Now, with the royal union, we have all the reasons under the sun to aspire for a brighter future.

At this juncture in history, we should also pay homage to our protector deities for ensuring peace and happiness in the country. May they continue to shower protection and happiness on our King and Queen, who are the source of people’s peace and happiness.

Our prayers are countless, and our wishes, boundless. I humbly wish my King and Queen all the happiness of this world. I pray for undying love and happiness in their life so that we can reap the fruits of their happy union.