Sunday, December 23, 2012

An interlude of happiness

(Based on true story)
Photo Courtesy: Google
When the sky is bejeweled with the stars and moon, Anjana (name changed) would hum some melodic tunes, offering herself an interlude of happiness in her general music of sadness. Anjana recalls her beautiful childhood days, making some colorful flower garlands on Diwali – the festival of light. As the clear sky release sparkling drops of rain, her irrepressible imagination reaches to those cheerful gone by days when she was in some extended meadows picking up strawberry with her friends. 

Anjana enjoyed every fraction of her early youth days. Her best times were with kids, lamps, and calf. With her imaginative nature, she always creates abrupt pastures of her village a better place to live. 

Occasionally, when some uncertain emotions evoke, Anjana would sit quite and fantasize herself wearing a vivid and attractive wedding dress, waiting impatiently for the groom to arrive. Soon, in her mind, the groom arrives with his eyes as lovely as a pearl. Her face starts to blush, embarrassed with her wild thoughts. But she could not stop going further with her wedding ceremony, in imagination though. 

The intro of Anjana's life seems to be exhilarating, but what brings ocean of tears is when she recalls beyond her childhood. With the exception of some uncertain interludes, life has treated her harsh constantly. Anjana sorrowfully lost the charm of her teenage life, but even stern is that; her life from then on constantly appeared to be cruel… Full story coming soon

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