Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Introducing Chhubelsa ECR

Class PP, 2012
Chhubelsa ECR (Extended classroom) is nestled amongst the pristine pine forest in Simpani village of Tsirangtoe Geog, at a distance of around five KM from Tsirangtoe main. Twenty minute drive downhill from the Geog office; one can enjoy the lush flora and prosperous fauna of the locality. The echo of leaves rustling in the northern breeze welcomes you from every angle, making the journey through an undulating road pleasurable.

Another thirty minutes walk from the road-end will be just like a jaunt that you make for pleasure. Woods still dancing with the pace of wind, the nature presents a wide range of visual feast – the colours of Tsirangtoe. If in autumn, the path will be filled with the aroma of golden fruits and grains. With indescribable scenic beauty, you will arrive at ECR even before realizing your own footsteps.

While at ECR, the singing birds and dancing butterflies receive you with admiration. Fenced with hillocks, bejeweled by the blossom and fanning constantly with the gentle wind, the ECR lies beautifully, overlooking the plains of Sergethang in the further east. Being a shared temple of knowledge, the ECR stands exactly in the heart of Baktar, Simpani and Daunthrey Chewogs.

The ECR was formally established in the year 2010 with a single dream of minimizing the walking hours at least for the young school going children. With the selfless guidance from the Dzongkhag and Geog administration, the wholehearted community people raised the classrooms effortlessly, insubstantial though.

Initially, the ECR was opened with a single teacher cum teacher in-charge Mr. Sonam Tobgay with twenty-six students. Today, the effort of single dedicated teacher is revealed not only by the quality of education that its students possess, but also by the well turned-out surrounding and improved infrastructure.

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